City Of Darkness


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(said timidly)This is a page I have made for my wonderful housing development Taylor's site. It is a few poems.


I'm chained to the wall with nowhere to go, where torture and time both pass so slow.
I'm chained by the shackles that won't let me leave, where my life's torn apart, and I find it hard to breathe.

I'm chained at the wrists, the ankles and the waist. When all I wanted of your love, was just a little taste.

I'm chained to hells gates until I pay you a toll. but you've taken all of me, leaving only a torn soul.

Betrayal Of A Friend

You became my friend
I gave you my trust
And what do I get in return?
Pain, agony
You took my trust
And betrayed it
Now you, my once best friend
Shall undoubtedly, burn in Hell
Where lucifer will take your soul
And you shall forever be tormented

Angels Bells

In the distance rings a bell
An angel got his wings
For sending a soul to Hell
Where he shall live an eternity of pain
His torture, only Lucifer knows
But the agony will never wane
As long as Lucifer is Lord
There will always be hate and dischord


You say we have freedom of speech
We come to protest your facist laws
Where we are arrested for disturbing the peace
What happened to our freedom of speech?
You fucked it up
Now our freedom of speech means
We only say what you want us to say
Nothing else
We aren't going to take it anymore
For tonight your "Loyal Patriots" shall turn against you

We come in peace
Bullshit, we're here to take you down
You tried to screw around with ur for pleasure
To day you will eternally regret that
We've come to take your laws
And shove them, straight up your asses
You're going to have us arrested?
Fuck the police, they're gone
Now that we rule your "Land"
You're screwed now ignorant ego whores
Going to hell forever

No more senseless laws
For now we rule over the people
The system has failed us all
Our reign lasts forever
Ad America shall be
Truly free

Feeding Vampire

I'm a vampire you can see
I like the blood, yes indeed
Blood is what I do thirst
I'll find your vein and make it burst
To drink the blood I find in you
I'll take your vain and drain the blue
On your neck there will be
Two small marks to remember me


There is a place
A dark Abyss
Abode of the dead
Where there is punishment
For those who had been wicked
A place where there is no forgiveness
Where every sin you have commited
Will be reconciled with pain
This place, this abyss is...


The odd one of the school
Never wore other than black
They called him evil
A worshiper of Satan
The Anti-Christ he was said
When he bared crowns of barbwire
They thought him dull and stupid
Shunned him think his darkness
Left him alone with his desires
All he needed was a friend
But the others could not see this
Could not know this, so until
The loneliness grew so
He left six feet under


(said more confidently) These are a few of my poems. Later I'll post more.