City Of Darkness


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This page is for Lauren hence the L

Lauren I know you don't like me but I like you and you deserve your own page :)  Please consider it some more. I know you like Andrew and I hate to tell you but Andrew doesn't like you like you like him; the same way I like you and you don't lke me.  But please consider it some more I really like you Lauren. As I've said before you're smart  very atheletic(better tham most everyone at track and soccer)  and yes GORGEOUS whether you admit it or not.
And why not have the poems I wrote about/for you

Lauren Tysinger

My love flourishes within me

With all my heart I love thee

Though thou chooseth not to love me back

My love for thee does not lack

With the powers of my heart

I hope that we shall never part

Thou chooseth not to love me

But someday it hopefully shall be



Beautiful you are

My loved one

I look upon from afar

With the essence of purity

And the beauty of angels

Your smile has me losing sanity

I wish to win your heart

Pure and wonderful it is

To win your heart

Will make my soul

Completely whole