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Dreams of You

We spent the night under the stars
Such a wonderous nite it was
Hand in hand on a quilted blanket
Being with you giving me such a buzz
We sat there hugging and talking
Sitting just to share our love
I loved you then more than ever before
Then away you flew as a beautiful dove
Ah such a wonderous night it was
But then I awaken
And lose that wonderful buzz
Alas it was just a dream


Give me the strength to speak my mind
What I have felt for so long
Yes... the rumors are true
Yes... I have a crush on you
From the day we met... from your first word
I have struggled against my heart
No longer can I deny what I feel
Now I want to make my dreams become real
I have watched you from afar
Gazing upon thee with loving eyes
I wish to have you in my arms to hold
To keep you warm from the cold
Every day I think of thee
Heaven on Earth... An impossible dream
But a wish I do share
Give me your heart... give me thy key
I promise to make it warm, safe, and happy

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